For the longest time, I’ve seen the statistics for Black Maternal Mortality increase. I began to work towards change. What could be done to prevent these deaths, the near misses that are rarely reported?

I realised that it was the system and the structures that needed to change, and that this wasn’t a job that could be done alone.

It needed more than words, it needed, still needs, action. It needs people. You!

You want to be a part of that change, but are unsure how and are afraid of getting it wrong.

You want to know what simple actions that you can take to begin the business of change.

You want to start the work within yourself and see it spread out into all that you do. 

This Masterclass is an introduction to basic changes that you can make within your business/practice that sets you on the road to changing the unacceptable.

You will leave with practical ways of igniting, firing and driving your passion for reproductive justice. You work will no longer be performative, but active, life changing stuff.


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