Be A Better Doula

Why Abuela Mentoring?

Mentoring You Can Attend In Your Own Time


Honest & Dependable

Mars has been an established doula for over a decade and has brought clarity and confidence to their work.

We Have Guest Speakers

You’ll have access to videos by other established people within the birth and wellness world.

We Are Passionate

We want you to have the most rounded mentoring that we can provide. We want to see you rise.

You Will Receive…

Monthly Zoom Call

We will gather together on a group call, focussing on one issue at a time!


Monthly Emails

Sent two weeks after our call

Containing a video from an experienced birth worker or other practitioner

Monthly Exercises

Contained within the monthly email.

Taking the online into your real life

Journalling Exercises

No need to share these answers. It’s for your private thoughts and feelings!

Community space

A place where sharing is highly recommended receive extra peer support

Question Time

Email in questions before the zoom call, and you could be featured in the coaching



Mars is 100% dedicated to the vision of seeing the next generation of birthworkers of colour rise.

She has been such an inspiration & champion of my practice & learning, Doula-ing the doula. I’ve come away from each mentoring session more fortified in my mission with actionable next steps, clarity and confidence. Thank you, Mars.

Rosie Carter-Suso

Mars was my postnatal doula mentor and instilled a real sense of confidence in my abilities.

Her warmth, passion and knowledge helped me so much on my journey.

I also learnt so much about my professional boundaries and directness from Mars which has been invaluable

Ebony Gilbert

I joined Mars’ mentorship doubting this new doula path I’d embarked on. I was thinking  I cannot sustain, & manage to do doula work. This work  that speaks to my soul. I was feeling overwhelmed…

…Since joining only since October this year, I feel in a very much more empowered space being connected to the Abeula Doula Community. I am so grateful for the space & support she has created.

Mars truly walks the walk, & talks the talk of supporting other women rise strong. She has such transformative energy that will brighten your life & self belief and path.

She is incredibly supportive,  asks important questions and make you fly high & in a no nonsense way.
If you want to know strong women in this field, be connected with face to face  join this growing glowing community .
Thank you  so much Mars !
Leila Gardiner


I’m not ready to start yet - can I start later?

Yes, you can watch the recorded videos and follow along at your own pace

Can I do this alongside mentoring I already do?

Yes. This works alongside other mentoring that you have. We think it’s good to get mentoring from more than one source.

Do I need any special equipment?

No. You just need a notebook, a journal and a pen. You will benefit most if you join the community group.

If this isn’t for me, can I get a refund?

Yes, if you request the refund within 2 weeks of starting the programme.



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