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Our Courses
There is a wisdom in the stories that our grandmothers tell us. It’s the medicine of generations.  The stories of our collective pasts, and the hope for our future. The world of birth is not new and neither is the work of the birthkeeper.

When you decide to become an Abuela doula, you will be encouraged to reach back into your cultural heritage to bring forward the traditions of your mothers and your mothers’ mothers. The role of a doula is to support and to be with women as they travel through pregnancy, birth and those early postnatal days. To sit in and share the wisdom of the Abuelas, the grandmothers.

Compared to other courses, I felt this was a safe space for me to talk, share and learn.

Doula Preparation Course

Knowing what a doula is, and knowing what it is to be a doula, recognising that the preparation course is precisely that. Preparation. An Abuela doula should seek to learn more, network and engage with other birth and postnatal professionals and hold herself to a good personal code.


This is a four day, interactive course. An application form will be sent and the course explained to enquirers – this includes structure and fees. The pre-course module will be sent with the application form and is expected to be completed before starting. The post course module should be completed within 9 months.


COST: £500

The first day of the course I noticed I was in a room filled with women of colour, and different cultural backgrounds, here to learn the wisdom of the Abuela Doulas. The knowledge was good, all the standard material and information you gain at a Doula prep course, but the difference with this course was that I learnt more about different cultural traditions around pregnancy, birth and post-birth, African, Caribbean, Chinese, Asian and more. I am so glad that I went on this course! This course takes you back to the times when Granny Midwife was around, I learnt so many things that I can bring into my world as a doula, as a mother, as a sister and as a friend.

I felt you made the course for us as individuals, you brought things out of each of us.

Wisdom of the Abuelas Course

This one day workshop is a CPD course for doulas, birthkeepers and other birthworkers who have already done a doula preparation course, and/or have been working in the birth world for some time.

The day will include:

Storytelling – traditions and ceremonies – cultural backgrounds
How does your ethnicity affect your birth?
Who am I, the doula?
What in the world is birth?
Wisdom of the Abuelas

There will be a shared lunch. Please let me know if there are any allergies/intolerances so that other participants can be made aware.
COST: £85

Cultural Competency Course

Cultural Competency is a set of behaviours, policies and attitudes that form a system that allows cross cultural groups to effectively work individually and within organisations where mutli-cultural situations are present. In changing the colour of the landscape, we need to be able to live and work effectively within it. Without cultural competency we find health disparities, service users turning away and complaints.

This workshop aims to work through the way we work culturally and how to implement best practice when working within the birth world. Looking at our language, awareness of self and ways of working, this is going to be a full day with role play as well as individual and group work. We look forward to your active participation. On occasion this workshop is available to travel to you – please be in touch to discuss this.



Doula Preparation Courses:

2019 Dates

Friday 8th February – Monday 11th February 2019. London
Friday 15th March – Monday 18th March 2019. Birmingham
Thursday 30th May – Sunday 2nd June 2019. Berlin
Friday 28th June – Monday 1st July 2019. London
Friday 18th October – Monday 21st October 2019. London
Friday 1st November – Monday 4th November 2019. Birmingham

Images from our Courses

Watch Mars speaking at the Doula UK Conference, 2016

Mars Lord

I have been a birth keeper for over a decade. After attending the Paramana Doula course with Michel Odent and Lilliana Lammers, a spark was lit within me and the passion that I discovered for birth and supporting women has fired my soul ever since. I joined Doula UK and have had the privilege of working with hundreds of women.

As a founding member of Birth In The City alongside Maisie Hill and Nicola Mahdiyyah Goodall, I delight in working with other doulas and sharing our collective stories and skills.

My work with pregnant women and their families has led me to speak at conferences and to lead workshops, namely Loving The Multiple Mamas. I’ve had the privilege of speaking at Mumsnet’s Bumpfest, twice, the Doula UK Conference (2016) and Feminism In London, twice.

07767 348462

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