Cultural Competency for Birth Workers

The Course

 Join us for an interactive day exploring topics such as privilege, language, perceptions and culturally varying practices. Mars and Nicola are from an African Caribbean and English Irish Muslim background coming up through racism, riots and activism in London and have worked within maternity services for 35 years combined, gathering the stories of health care practitioners and parents of cultural incompetence and wanted to make some change so put together this workshop.

They teach women from all over the world and gather more customs and wisdoms as they go. Click on their names to read more about your teachers and see Nicola giving her TED talk and Mars presenting at the Doula UK conference.

This workshop aims to work through the way we work culturally and how to implement best practice when working within the birth world. Looking at our language, awareness of self and ways of working, this is going to be a full day with role play as well as individual and group work. We look forward to your active participation. On occasion this workshop is available to travel to you – please be in touch to discuss this.

Cultural Competency is a set of behaviours, policies and attitudes that form a system that allows cross cultural groups to effectively work individually and within organisations where mutli-cultural situations are present. In changing the colour of the landscape, we need to be able to live and work effectively within it. Without cultural competency we find health disparities, service users turning away and complaints.

Listen to Mars Lord talk about Cultural Competency 

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