There is a wisdom in the stories that our grandmothers tell us. It’s the medicine of generations. The stories of our collective pasts, and the hope for our future. The world of birth is not new and neither is the work of the birthkeeper.

When you decide to Level Up, you are committing to expanding your current doula practise and walking in reproductive justice and birth activism

As an Abuela doula, you will be encouraged to reach back into your cultural heritage to bring forward the traditions of your mothers and your mothers’ mothers. The role of a doula is to support and to be with women and birthing people as they travel through pregnancy, birth and those early postnatal days.

We invite you to sit in and share the wisdom of the Abuelas, the grandmothers.

Come and spend four days exploring your current practise and expanding your knowledge, bringing in a wider clientele and serving the birth world in safety.


Suitable for doulas that are looking for a ‘conversion’ or a course to bring cultural safety and reproductive justice into their work.

Date: 10, 11, 17 & 18 November 10am-2pm hosted online

This is the only time that we are offering this course in 2020. All 2021 courses are £750



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