Postnatal Sankofa

Postnatal Sankofa

For too long the postnatal period has been the Cinderella of doula work. It has lacked the ‘glamour’ of birth work. It is often tacked on to the end of birth work as an optional extra. Being a postnatal doula was all about the jobs and the doing with and for our clients. Abuela Doulas want to kick that into the past and focus in on nurturing, nourishing and valuing the people that birth babies. Many of the ‘new’ practises that we are seeing within the birth world, for the postnatal period, are simply the appropriation of traditional practises from around the world. Bones and belly binding, yoni steams, baby carrying, the 40 day lying in period, the use of oils and healing foods. Abuela teaches you where they have come from and how to utilise your cultural heritage in nourishing clients.

I found my village with its resident granny and found birth sisters to share this journey with.

Black Women, in particular, have been robbed of their cultural heritage. For many there are traditions that they do not know exist because across the diaspora there was a colonising of beliefs and traditions. Many were rubbished and thrown out as ‘old wives tales’. Enslavement meant that many traditional practises went underground and when we lost the value in oral stories, they were also lost. Black families have been demonised, ripped apart and over scrutinised. In order to make their way through society, many Black families lost their customs in the effort to fit in. We are going to change that. We are going to practise “Sankofa” – the Afrikan philosophy of going back to go forward. We are going to reclaim wellness in our mothers and families.

The support from the other attendees and the sense of community over competition was refreshing, it was in essence a sister circle, a meeting of minds, a sharing of knowledge and cultures that I thought lost within the western world. The course ignited a waning fire within my soul.

Most postnatal courses concentrate on the household chores that doulas perform and getting parents back into ‘normal’ life. Abuela Doulas are there to teach you how to truly nurture and nourish women where they are, enabling healing and restoration. You will honour your clients.

We emphasise the need to be culturally safe and to move beyond mere competence to true, unbiased support. We will dig deep into cultural support and care – it is the perfect compliment to the Red Tent Practical Postpartum course.

Who should take this course?

 Maybe you want to be a doula but can’t commit to doing births for some years yet.

Maybe you have the pull to help new mums, but do not want to support at births.

Maybe you are a nanny or maternity nurse and want to really deepen your work supporting women during their postnatal time.

Maybe you were a midwife and want to continue loving the mothers without the restrictions and pressure of working within the NHS.

Maybe you want to further your postnatal support as a working midwife or doula.

Maybe you just want to help out in your family and local community.

Still not sure? Get in touch for a no strings chat with Mars: 07796 348462

She is incredibly supportive, asks important questions and make you fly high and in no nonsense way.

Why take this course?

We want to make sure that families of all shapes, sizes and parental make up are honoured and loved during their postnatal time and we are going to prepare you well for that role.

We want our doulas to work inclusively and with cultural safety.

Abuela trained Postnatal Doulas will be able to travel across the world to nourish and nurture their clients.

You will ensure that every family is nurtured and nourished aiming to inspire confidence and wellness.

You will leave knowing how YOU like to work. You will know just the type of client that YOU want to work with. You will leave with a sense of purpose.

You will leave knowing the difference between nurturing and doing chores. With the ability to market yourself and your business. With a sense of value, for yourself and the families you will work with.

I have acquired a TON of knowledge that I can put into practice and turn into skills over time” SP

What you get:

Three days face to face workshop

Learning about different cultures

Discovering more about the family types/set ups

Learning new recipes and traditions

Practical exercises

Role play

Workshopping ideas with your peers

Peer support

An understanding of what a lying in period is

Value £700




PDFs to use with parents – including recipes

Value £100

Post course assessment meeting

Value £150

Free Membership to Closed forum – Abuela Mighty Networks

Value £350

1 Text – Workbook guide

Value £30


Free lifetime listing on Abuela Directory

Value: £275

Sample contracts & Abuela Logo

Value £200

One to one support

Value £350

Printable certificate on completion

Value £35

Official Abuela Logo PNG + JPEG for your promotional materials

Value £50

Total Value: £2910-
Investment: £500-

Finding it hard to find that investment? Instalment plans are available.
We suggest a deposit and three further payments.

Your Facilitators

Mars Lord

Mars has been a birth keeper for over a decade. After attending the Paramana Doula course with Michel Odent and Lilliana Lammers, a spark was lit within me and the passion that I discovered for birth and supporting women has fired my soul ever since. I joined Doula UK and have had the privilege of working with hundreds of women.

Mars is 100% dedicated to the vision of seeing the next generation of birthworkers of colour rise. She has been such an inspiration and champion of my practice and learning. Doulaing the doula. Whether discussing strategies for Maternity Voices Partnerships, reviewing my pricing packages, setting goals or debriefing challenging client situations I’ve been completely held, heard and supported to find my own way through – with lashings of practical tips and wise perspective from years of rich experience. I’ve come away from each session more fortified in my mission with actionable next steps, clarity and confidence.” RSC 

Lorna Philip

Lorna brings a wealth of experience to her work as a birth and postnatal doula and this makes her one of the most sought-after doulas in Birmingham and the West Midlands. She also provides a number of complementary therapies and postnatal services alongside her doula work.

Qualifying as a nursery nurse in 1987, Lorna has almost 30 years’ experience of supporting young children and their families. Fast forward to 2019 when Lorna accepted an invitation to become a doula mentor for the Abuela Doula Preparation Course and is now the Birmingham facilitator for both the Abuela Doula Preparation Course and the Abuela: Postnatal Sankofa Course. She is firmly embedded in the Abuela family and is passionate about Abuela’s mission, to make black birth better.

Course participants (Abuelitas/os) will not only benefit from Lorna’s experience, encouragement and nurturing approach but also from her local knowledge of working as a doula in Birmingham and the wider Midlands region.

Join a circle of inspiring women working together to support a change in the world of birth and beyond”

07767 348462

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