Unbroken Medicine

Mars Lord

26th June 2017

I went to a birth conference where I met and heard a wonderful Columbian Midwife by the name of Ramiro Romero. One of my favourite moments happened when, following Michel Odent’s talk, Ramiro said ‘It is so good to hear that the science is catching up’.

Ramiro talked to us about the work of indigenous Colombian midwives and took us through everything from sex through birth and placenta magic. He wasn’t supposed to be on the speakers rosta, but Robin Lim and Nicola Goodall, were intrigued by the man who seemed to be doing some Albus Dumbledore magic across the room. It turns out that he was weaving the words that were being shared into memories. It was fascinating to watch.

Robin and Nicola were running a workshop and asked Ramiro to join them and to take the session. He came in with his interpreter and held a room of people completely captivated. As we arrived at the time for the session to end, it was clear that the women in the room were still hungry to learn more. And so the session ran over and there was no complaint. The conference bowed to the pressure of the delegates to give Ramiro space to speak on the main stage. It became clear with every word that we in the presence of something very special.


“It is a marvellous dance of breath, corporal and spiritual rhythms, where we enter into sahana cahosh- the dance of chaos. this is the dance that allows each woman to be authentic and discover one more of our powers and feminine manifestations- bringing life to the world.” – Ramiro Romero

Having spent time listening and learning, I was keen to know when Ramiro would next be in the UK. And then out of the blue, I received an email asking me if I would like to host Ramiro in London. Of course I jumped at the chance of co-hosting with one of my best birth buddies, Nicola Goodall of Red Tent Doulas, and so we are jointing hosting some workshops as Abuela’s Red Tent.

It is not often an opportunity comes along to learn from an unbroken chain of indigenous knowledge about birth and traditional women’s healthcare wisdom. Ramiro’s Muisca midwifery knowledge is incredible. Ramiro will use the monies gathered to support his traditional midwifery school in Columbia. Ramiro will be speaking at six workshops in London this October. Find out more hereĀ 




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