Going back to our roots


Mars Lord


18th March 2017


I’m a birth educator

For a long time I have had a desire to ‘train’ new doulas. For different reasons I allowed myself to be knocked off course. Yet it burned inside me for years. I wondered if there was space in the market for ‘yet another doula trainer’ and I stopped listening my instinctual self that said ‘Yes, you have something different and new to offer’.

It was a birth conference in Scotland that proved to be the final kick that I needed. I spoke out a few times, and each time I stood up to make a comment, take part, I was acutely aware of the fact that I was the only black woman in the room. I didn’t want to be there alone. I wanted to be standing with and beside other BAME birthkeepers.  And so Abuela Doulas Preparation Course was born.

I am preparing new doulas as birthkeepers

A month ago, I welcomed five women into my home to continue their journeys towards becoming doulas and birthkeepers. I cannot begin to tell you of the joy I felt that one was my daughter and another ‘my daughter from another mother’. The age and experience in the room was a good range. The thirst for knowledge was incredible. I learned at their feet, even as they learned at mine.

We covered a huge variety of subjects that ranged from chicken, rice n peas, to baby loss and what it means to be a doula. Each was given a workbook that they are crafting into their manuals. Each brought something new and different to the conversation. Each blossomed and began to rise. I felt a joy that I hadn’t felt before. It was all due to seeing growth before my eyes.

Once you know who you are, you don’t have to worry any more
Nikki Giovanni.

And then there was the workshop. The Wisdom of the Abuelas. A small group of women were once again sat in my home. They began to share their birth stories and the birth traditions of their cultures. We broke bread together and talking about the medicine of our families.

When they talked, laughed and talked some more about injustice, the passion in the room was palpable. So much so that I missed it when they left. My whole house vibrated with their energy. They told me that I had led them back to authentic doulaing.

I love this work that I do, and I love the conversation. Do you want to be able to reach into your community as a birthkeeper? Are you ready for the privilege of being a woman’s doula? To be part of one of the most intimate moments of her life? Abuela Doulas is here for that very reason and we love women from all cultures. Contact us here and come join us, as we return to the wisdom of our Abuelas.



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