Expecting Multiples with Mars Lord

Mars Lord

21st of March 2017

I was recently in a podcast chat with Fear Free Childbirth, have a listen:

Check the original page here: https://www.fearfreechildbirth.com/blog/expecting-multiples-mars-lord/

If you’re expecting multiples then today is your turn! I can’t tell you how many times I receive emails from mamas expecting multiples asking.. no BEGGING.. me for podcast episodes for them and believe me when I say this: I have been TRYING!!!

So, today I’m speaking to Mars Lord. Mars is a doula who specialises in supporting parents who are expecting multiples and what gives her special insider knowledge is the fact that she is a mum of twins. Incredibly, she had her twins AFTER her 3rd baby; you can listen to the full story in the podcast.

During our chat Mars shares a ton of gold nuggets, and they’re not just for the mamas expecting multiples. There’s stuff there for all pregnant mamas. She starts by sharing her own twin birth journey, busting the common assumptions that are held when it comes to expecting multiples;

twins will come early
you will birth in a hospital
you will have a planned c-section
you will need to be monitored
you will need an epidural
Instead Mars encourages you to approach your birth in the same way you would a singleton birth;

Get savvy and do your birth homework
Research your birth choices
Understand the risks you face and decide on what is right for you. Mars likes to replace the word risk with considerations. Everything is a consideration.
Trust your instincts
Ask the questions and challenge what you’re being told
Ask your hospital for the multiples birth policy and remember protocol is not a medical reason; it’s a guideline.



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